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"Happy birthday Deb. Wanted to thank you and John for the extra effort you put into your puppies first seven weeks. I now realize that I got more for the money versus many other litters listed on Retriever Training forum. Actually realized this long before I took possession of first pups via your video clips and talking with John since Feb. What you do for the pups is not an easy commitment and is testament to your love for the dogs you own and reproduce. That is why I wanted to get the third pup and proud to have all three from a breeder that delivers more than just a live pup with long champion pedigree. Thanks again for all your hard work preparing the pups for a happy future. Keith"

Debbie, John,
  Hope all is good in MO. Wanted to send you all a quick update on Ozzy. He's finished up his force fetching and did very well throughout this process. Very quick to grasp each concept. His marking ability is really coming along well...this past weekend the long bird was at 120 yds and through some difficult cover, a ditch and on the side of a slight hill. He nailed it perfectly. He's got a great on-off switch...is comfortable laying at my feet in the house yet "flies" to get to a bird on land or water. I've been around labs for a lot of years, to include training and breeding them, and this pairing of Ricky and Reba produces pups with some of the best combination of traits and ability I've seen in a long time. Thanks.


John and Debbie,
  Hope all is good with you all. All is good here in NC. Wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Ozzy is doing wonderful. He's a very smart pup...already heeling off lead, sits on command and is pretty good with his "here" command though gets a little distracted on occasion but despite his size we have to remind ourselves he's still a puppy :). His retrieving work is coming along nicely as well...we haven't started his formal training (force fetch, etc) yet but he's been on plenty of birds and dummies both land and water. He has a great water attitude and entry and we couldn't be more pleased with him. 

  We'll send a few pics this week for you. Thanks.