Welcome to Mama's Labs of New Melle!
Quality Bred and Raised With LOVE, RESPECT & KINDNESS For the Home & Field
                                 "IN GOD & LABS WE TRUST"

Mama's First Noel
Noel was our "First Lady" ever. Noel was the "pick of the litter" when we originally found about her breeding. Noel came from a long line of truly, fine gun dogs and has proven to be an exceptional home companion and outstanding Pheasant & Quail dog. Noel surprised us by showing us that she is a "POINTING LAB". Noel started naturally pointing sitting birds at age 1 and passed that trait on to her son Mama's Lucky Deuce Too".  She and her Son, Deuce, our are personal upland dogs, having made several successful trips to South Dakota, Kansas, and Illinois in pursuit of wild, wiley, ring necked Roosters! Noel is the proud Mama of 2 fine litters sired by August (Gus) Franklin Jackson who was the pick of the Litter from Mama's Lucky Deuce breeding. When Noel isn't out running the fields or catching squirrels and chipmunks on our property, you can usually find her in the Master Bedroom in her favorite spot - next to Mama (Deb) on the pillow!
DEUCE is Mama's Boy!!! Deuce is Noel's first Yellow son from her 1st Litter. Like his Mama - he is a natural pointer. Deuce never left the nest havng lived his entire life inside our home living the life of Riley! Deuce is an outstanding Upland Hunter and has looks to thrill! 
Pointing a Rooster