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Mama's Labs Is An Authorized Dealer For Fido Vite & Fido Vite Flexx & Sportz Dog Products!!!

Can You Afford Not To Invest In Your Dog's Health???
Buying from Mama's Labs in 25# maximum bulk pricing reduces your cost to under $0.50 cents per day for Small & Medium Breed Dogs and Under $1 a day for dogs up to 80#. A 25# bag will last 1 40#-80# dog 200 days (6 1/2 mo)! Freeze what you won't use in next 30 days & save $$$!!!! As we always say, this is the best "health insurance" we can give our beloved family members!!!
Mama's Labs have been using Fido Vite products for years (before & after become an authorized Dealer) & absolutely swear by the many, many health benefits this great product offers. All Mama's Labs are supplemented Daily including Puppies raised in our litters. This product is worth it's wait in GOLD and many of our friends and puppy buyer's have chosen to continue using this great product with great results. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all 15# & 25# orders placed in the continental 48 United States with payment via PAYPAL invoicing. We recommend that you purchase the largest quantity you can afford as this is most cost effective and FIDO-VITE products can be frozen in your freezer for use at a later date. Our main reason that we became an authorized Dealer was so that we could provide our clients and other Dog Lovers with continued and most affordable preventative health care for their loved one(s).

Please contact us by phone or e-mail to arrange product shipment and billing and we will drop ship directly to your doorstep. 

Phone Orders:  636-284-0203 or 314-401-6656
Mama's Labs Fido-Vite Pricing:

FIDO-VITE  PAIL.             15 lbs    $145.00
FIDO-VITE  BAG              25 lbs    $185.00
FIDO-VITE  PAIL              25 lbs    $195.00

FIDO-VITE FLEXX PAIL  15 lbs   $155.00
FIDO-VITE FLEXX BAG  25lbs    $195.00
FIDO-VITE FLEXX PAIL  25 lbs   $205.00

SPORTZ DOG PAIL        15lbs    $165.00
SPORTZ DOG BAG        25lbs    $209.00
SPORTZ DOG PAIL        25lbs    $219.00


CALL 636-284-0203 or 314-401-6656 to order!!!

INTRODUCING SPORTZ DOG​ - All the same great ingredients as Fido-Vite & Fido-Flexx but with additional higher levels of Glucosamine & Chondroitin + DHA Omega 3 from algae unlike other Omega 3 supplements that contain flaxseed or flaxseed oils that contain phyto-hormones that can negatively affect breeding dogs. Sportz Dog has highly available zinc & manganese, glucosamine & chondroitin, yucca & DHA omega 3 to help with inflammation for hard working dogs.

How Much Fido-Vite Do I feed? 

1 oz  for dogs up to 40#  (1# every 16 days)

2 oz for dogs up to 80#  (1# every 8 days)