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                                 "IN GOD & LABS WE TRUST"

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About Mama's Labs, LLC:
Like Deb, John grew up in the Great Outdoors of Michigan spending much time Hunting, Fishing, Snowmobiling, Training Hunting Dogs, Shooting, Playing Baseball, and pursuing an automotive career. John devotes his free time to training and competing Labs, upland hunting, building custom motorcycles,  Home Improvement projects, guns, shooting, travel, playing music.

John recently took advantage of early retirement and is devoting his extra time to raising and training these wonderful Labrador Retrievers.
Committed to raising Balanced Retrievers for the Home and Field.
Debbie has had a life long passion and love for taking care of others - both two and four legged! Debbie has a deep and profound love of animals and pediatric children. As a PICU (Pediatic Intensive Care Unit) Registered Nurse, Deb applies the same amount of Love and Intensity in caring for her Labs. Puppies become Deb's lil' Pediatric patients and are treated in the same loving manner. When Deb is not working with children, Deb enjoys time with Family, Friends, Exercise, Gardening, Travel, Bird Hunting, Motorcycling, Cooking, Baking, Sewing, Playing Piano - just to name a few.