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Mama's Labs, LLC ® New Melle, MO
First and foremost we are dog and LAB LOVERS and our #1 priority is the health and well-being of each family member!  Our Labs are our family and live their lives in our home just as any household member. WE ARE NOT A KENNEL!!! What does this mean? We raise our own Labs with the best of care inside our home and each and every one are the love of our lives. We run, exercise, train, travel, hunt and compete our dogs and on occasion have a litter of puppies that have had a very carefully selected and planned breeding to ensure the healthiest puppies possible. On occasion, we may keep and train a pup or two and offer them as well started young dogs for those who wish to forego the rigors and challenges of raising a young puppy, housebreaking and basic obedience. The training process begins at Mama's Labs from the time the pups are 3 days old,  progressing on with age appropriate lessons from there forward.  

Our pups are whelped and raised in our home with the upmost love and care and exposed to a variety of early developmental regimens that produce happy, healthy high quality puppies that excel at whatever career path their individual owners choose to do with them. After seeing and visiting many Kennels/Breeders over the years, we decided that we would devote our time, money and energy into bettering the breed and provide others with the opportunity to have a puppy that has been raised in the BEST possible environment and give them a head start in life second to none and place them with Owners who hold the same values and standards of care. 

Many of the people whom have acquired a puppy from us have become very good friends and we enjoy seeing them, training with them, visiting and hunting with them and seeing the happiness, joys and successes each  pup has brought to their lives. This is what we love most and why we do what we do! ;-)

May God Bless You, Your Family and Your Canine Companions with a lifetime of health and happiness!

Deb & John
Debbie "Mama" Lenon with Hawkeye Viking/Mama's Little Bit O Honey pup Hallie.
Hallie is QAA with a 1st place WIN and 3 3rd Place Finishes in limited trialing
Mama's Labs only "business" is helping our God given friends live a happier, healthier, active lifestyle while maintaining the Integrity of the Breed.